Evaluation of logistics services for healthcare institutions

Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of logistics services for Flemish and Dutch hospitals and nursing homes.

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Strategic challenge

The flows of goods in hospitals and nursing homes can be very complex. For years, Hospital Logistics has successfully taken on this demanding logistical challenge for healthcare institutions. Hospital Logistics decided to have its logistics services evaluated by an objective third party through a targeted market survey.

When certain services need improvement, customers will bring it up to you. You might have an idea of where the problem is located, but signals from all customers are not always unambiguous. Möbius helped us to clearly identify the opportunities in our service provision. Because their survey achieved a very high response rate, we were also certain that the research results were accurate. This made it easier for us to intervene quickly and effectively.

Filip Cuypers CEO Hospital Logistics


In the first phase, 10 qualitative in-depth interviews were conducted with existing and potential customers (hospitals and nursing homes) to gain insights into their perceptions, needs, and current experience of the service.

These insights were then tested more broadly in the market through a quantitative market survey. This online survey aimed to measure current satisfaction and validate the current strengths, weaknesses, and potential unmet customer needs.

This survey had a very high response rate: 49% of the contacted individuals participated.

There was sufficient representativeness at:

  • Country: Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Segment: Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Profile: Management, Procurement, Purchase, Logistics

Subgroup analyses and conclusions were possible at these levels.

Example summary slide per profile and satisfaction aspects on the Customer Journey:

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With these insights, Hospital Logistics can refine its future strategy in a very targeted manner. They have identified where the focus and resources should be deployed to further build a sustainable customer relationship.