Monitor Customer & Employee Experience to improve Service Delivery towards different stakeholders

Möbius is helping the Customer Experience team to achieve clear CX priorities, monitoring systems and processes.

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As AG Insurance is moving from B2B to B2B2C interactions, it is key to understand and react to customer needs even more. Möbius is helping the Customer Experience team to achieve clear CX priorities, monitoring systems and processes, such as the set-up of control panels to act with full agility to incoming customer feedback.


Strategic Challenge

To better service both affiliates / employees (end users) and employers (customers), AG Insurance is introducing new digital platforms and tools. This unleashes new customer interactions, moving from B2B to B2B2C and requires an even more customer centered approach

Möbius adds significant value to our organisation, reacts quickly and shares best-practices that can be translated into practice right away.

Els Vanden Begin Head of Customer Experience and Intelligence EB/HC


Understanding customer needs and expectations at key moments throughout the customer journey becomes key to shape the right experiences. Möbius supports AG Insurance with identifying these key moments and defining the right key metrics to continuously monitor the customer experience.

We set-up smart “experience dashboards” that combine customer experience metrics, operational indicators and employee engagement metrics. As we believe frontline AG employees which are in direct contact with customers have a good view on improvement opportunities.  

  • Clear CX priorities per customer journey

  • CX monitoring system per customer journey

  • CX process for continuous improvement of service delivery

The dashboard designs per key customer journey were translated into fully operational control panels. These allow operational teams to understand customer behaviour of renewed digitised processes from day one and react with agility within hours instead of days or months to further improve Customer Experience.

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