Simplifying Xylos' administration across IT service lines

Möbius helped Xylos to improve collaboration and efficiency by aligning administrative teams for increased customer satisfaction.

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Strategic Challenge 

Xylos is an IT services and consulting company with several business units, managing different customer offerings, and supported by different administrative teams. While the company was changing, its organisational structure was not yet aligned. In order to realign the structure, as well as increasing efficiency and additional customer satisfaction, our client asked Möbius to guide them in a better and more efficient collaboration model aiming at synergy creation across the different administrative teams.

Together with Möbius we immediately understood the needs and expectations of this project. Different solutions were provided, each time respecting the context of every team in scope. Truly a positive collaboration that helped us in setting the basics for the future.

Dimitri Aerts Director Operations, ICT & Cyber resilience


Exploration phase

During project execution Möbius emphasised the importance of a phased approach, allowing to quickly adjust along the way. During an Exploration phase we got to know the project group and key stakeholders better and obtained a general understanding of processes and the operational model of the different administrative teams. Several activities were taken up:  

  • Project kick-off with the  team

  • Additional desk research to gain rapid insight in the organisation’s context

  • Stakeholder interviews to grasp the strategy and synergy potential

Discover phase

During a discover phase the Möbius consultants mapped out the current operation, based on both qualitative and quantitative to techniques: 

  • Process walks to get detailed insights into the operations and activities

  • Several interviews with the administrative support colleagues

  • Objective workload estimation and data analysis to identify major time consuming activities

Design phase

A design phase was proposed for vision creation and discussing together potential optimizations in the operational structure of the different administrative teams:  

  • Report-out of key findings and brainstorm sessions providing different scenarios of future models

  • Elaboration of a new structure, processes, team interaction etc.

  • Elaboration of improvement ideas and calculation of workload impact and effort

Deploy phase

Finally Möbius guided Xylos in setting up a phased implementation plan with both short term as well as more long-term actions. As with all of Möbius' projects, a high focus on change management, communication and information sharing, was taken up during project execution and integration.  



Together with Möbius, Xylos was able to understand the direction to take by providing: 

  • A clear understanding of the current way of working, bottlenecks and success factors.

  • Analytical data insights in team effort, workload evolution & subsequent staffing requirements.

  • Vision creation in different future organisational scenarios, i.e. structure, processes, IT systems, organisation …

  • A highly motivated and informed project team during project execution.