The new children's hospital caters to the comfort of the patient

UZ Gent attuned its children’s hospital to the needs and the comfort of patients and staff.

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Strategic challenge

The construction of a new children’s hospital is the perfect opportunity to realise ambitious goals:

  • setting up an optimal, child-friendly and future-oriented care system.
  • making maximum use of the new infrastructure and decreased bed capacity.
  • integrating three nursing wards into one new merger ward.

Moving into a new building for a paediatric clinic with 17 medical disciplines is quite a challenge. Getting everyone striving for the same goal begins with an objective view of how paediatrics operates. Because of this expertise we chose Möbius, which also helped to embed a project-based and integrated approach.

Professor Dirk Matthys Head of paediatrics


Organising processes differently

The new building was the opportunity to adapt operational processes, based on respect for parent and child.

The capacity was tested with regard to several parameters (number of patients, complexity and possibility of planable care, … ). This led to an optimum care process, with feasible planning.

Working together

The move was prepared through projects. Doctors, nurses, IT, logistics, … all cooperated and learned from each other. This resulted in new behaviour in a new building, with persistent and frequent consultation, also after the move. The admissions proceed according to agreed criteria, also for the peripheral hospitals.

The art of reducing

The transformation already started a year and a half before the move: bed planning improved, the lean philosophy was spread gradually and unnecessary steps in care processes were removed. Testing, piloting, adjusting, testing, … always in close collaboration with the doctor and staff in question.



Together with Möbius, UZ Gent attuned its children’s hospital to the needs and the comfort of patients and staff:

  • reduction in number of beds (-10%) with better bed planning.
  • efficient arrangement of own workstation on the basis of the lean philosophy.
  • use of the new location in a constructive atmosphere.
  • optimal use of newly freed space.