New organisational structure for the departments Leisure and Public Space and Buildings

The City of Tienen wanted to prepare the Leisure and Public Space and Buildings departments for the challenges of the future. The objective was to create strong departments with a clear vision of the future, professional functioning and motivated employees with clear roles and responsibilities.

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Thanks to the professional approach of Möbius, with respect for the individuality of each department and based on the joint search for solutions, a positive trajectory was drawn up that everyone can identify with. This process forms the basis for a new way of collaborating and realising projects.

Freddy Vandaele Head of department policy and project management


The future trajectory started with a thorough analysis of the current operation. On the basis of qualitative interviews with the employees of the city, the strengths and weaknesses of the departments and their services, as well as the interactions with other internal and external partners, were mapped out.

Based on the analysis, opportunities were identified in co-creation with the employees on the basis of different working groups. This approach was used to create the necessary support and commitment for a successful implementation of the improvement proposals.



Apart from the formulation of improvement proposals, a new organisational structure and accompanying organisational chart was drawn up for both departments during the working groups. The new structure focuses on improved, more horizontal collaboration between the teams with a focus on the customer experience.

Additional interactive workshops were conducted for the Public Space and Buildings department to fundamentally improve the operation of the outdoor teams, resulting in a supported charter on cooperation.