Towards a circular cluster in and around the Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Möbius guided Port of Antwerp-Bruges with a tangible roadmap for the development of a circular cluster, resulting in an investment of €250 million.

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Strategic challenge

How to build an integrated circular cluster in and around the Port of Antwerp-Bruges (PoAB)?

This was the challenge Möbius and the Port of Antwerp Bruges set out to tackle. A strategic exercise hints to the potential of integrated plastics recycling, complementing Antwerps large chemical cluster. Partnering with Möbius, PoAB reflected on how it can support its partners in setting up world-class plastics recycling value chains. They considered what specialised players fit the cluster particularly well and what role the PoAB should play in facilitating cluster development.

The port of Antwerp is home to the largest integrated chemical cluster in Europe and together with this cluster is pursuing climate neutrality by 2050. The port authority has the ambition to develop circular value chains and actively contributes to developing innovative plastics recycling activities in the port area.  
Möbius has brought speed to understanding the needs of chain parties and helped the Port Authority of Antwerp to set up a circular (plastics) cluster called the Antwerp Recycling Hub.
Jessica Gerritsen Port Area development expert, Port of Antwerp


  • A strategic exercise was conducted to gain insight into which plastics types and value chains to focus on. This was based on the current recycling practices and aspirations within the cluster.

  • Möbius and PoAB conducted a knowledge-driven dialogue with various parties, including brand owners, technology providers, chemical cluster, and processors. They structurally mapped needs and requirements around (the start-up of) advanced plastics recycling projects in the selected value chains.

  • Möbius identified a range of possible investment targets for its circular NextGen District. These targets would complement the current chemical cluster from a circular perspective.

  • Together with PoAB, Möbius defined which roles the port authority could play in bringing about promising projects in the field of integrated and innovative plastics recycling in and around the Port of Antwerp-Bruges. 



Through analysis and research, PoAB came to an informed conclusion about the main purpose of the circular cluster (plastics and chemical recycling), the projects that could be implemented, and the needs of potential investors. As a result, PoAB was able to successfully bring in a sizeable investment of €250 million. The investment came from advanced recycling company PureCycle, in addition to other backers.

Read more about PureCycle's first plastic recycling plant in Europe on the Port of Antwerp-Bruges site. Alternatively, you can read the press article about it in De Tijd.