Customer oriented digital transformation

Cevora called in Möbius to help shape the new digital transformation strategy, with a focus on a customer oriented approach.

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Möbius accompanied CEVORA towards a customer focused and digital organization and this vis-à-vis the various stakeholders of the organization:

  • Clients: companies (HR managers);
  • External teachers and trainers;
  • Trainees (employees of the companies that follow the CEVORA training courses);
  • Jobseekers that follow a coaching programme to further educate themselves.

Like many companies, we face the challenge of digital transformation. Möbius helped us to look at our operation through the eyes of the customer. That was an enrichment for us. The customer journeys and personas are still our guide today to important choices in this process.

Olivier Lambert & Lieve Schellekens Director General & Customer Success & Quality Manager

Möbius was responsible for the project and programme management of the intended transformation. As the accompanying partner, we guided the management of CEVORA to evolve in the desired direction and coached those responsible to successfully implement the change process. We worked with a complete project plan with clear milestones.

At the start of the project, the various stakeholder groups were questioned (via in-depth interviews and a large-scale online quantitative survey) and a trend analysis was carried out. Topics were covered such as: How will employees train themselves in the future? What is the potential for competition (e.g. new digital players / online platforms)? What are the needs and requirements of each stakeholder? What are the current strengths of CEVORA?

We then worked with CEVORA employees from various departments to develop future-oriented multichannel customer journeys end-to-end, in line with the chosen strategy. This was done for CEVORA's entire service offering and with an attention to each type of stakeholder (by means of personas). This elaboration of the future service offering and customer interactions was achieved via many workshops with CEVORA employees and validation with customers and management.

We also provided inspiration sessions on digital transformation and service design.

The customer journeys were then translated into an optimal internal operation (processes, roles, and responsibilities) of CEVORA and are used as input for the development of new digital tools.


Obtained result

The project resulted in desired content deliverables, like customer journeys, process flows, …

Thanks to the chosen approach a result was obtained that is futureproof and innovative, in which the customer is at the center and which is supported by the stakeholders (internal and external).

Our digital Möbius experts have also helped CEVORA with the drawing of tender specifications and the selection of software providers.