Congress: Evaluation of Person-following financing

Möbius supported the Flemish Agency for People with a Disability (VAPH) in the preparation and facilitation of the congress for the interim evaluation of the system of person-following financing.

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Strategic challenge

The Flemish Agency for People with a Disability (in short ‘VAPH’ in Dutch) is responsible for the financing of care and support for people with a disability. While this financing used to be supply-driven, a turnaround to a demand-driven financing system took place in 2017. The basis of the person-following financing (in short ‘PVF’ in Dutch) and the goals set forth for this system were written down in the ‘Perspective 2020’ plan. The project ‘Evaluation PVF’ was launched to check whether and to what extent these goals have been achieved so far. 

On 4 July 2019, the VAPH organized a congress at the ICC in Ghent where a status was presented to a broad audience and input was collected from the various target groups in order to be able to set the right accents in the further rollout. With the congress the VAPH focused on persons with a disability and their environment, user organizations, referring (care) professionals, employer and employee organizations and everyone interested in the sector of people with a disability. About 400 people participated in the event.

The VAPH called upon Möbius to create a logical cohesion and ensure a smooth and dynamic course of events during congress and more specifically during the workshops.

Our project was completed within a very short timeframe. We greatly appreciated the flexibility and effort shown by Möbius’ employees during the preparations. Because of their good ideas and especially because of the fine collaboration we were able to organize a successful congress, much to the satisfaction of our participants (and ourselves).

Sam Van Bastelaere Head Team Policy and Organization


Möbius provided a common thread through a central question that was displayed in the different congress spaces and presentations: “What can we do together to make person-following financing a success?”. This instantly made it clear to participants that their input could help shape the further course of the congress.

The congress started off with a plenary session in the morning, during which the status was presented through various presentations by employees of the VAPH and external researchers who perform scientific research into the system of person-following financing. Möbius took care of linking together the presentations and announcing the speakers.

In the afternoon, five thematical workshops were organized to capture which accents the stakeholders in the sector, and in extension society, prefer for the further rollout / evaluation of person-following financing. In order to do so, the 400 participants were split up into five groups (according to their personal interest). A team of 6 Möbius consultants were charged with coordinating and facilitating the different workshops. The facilitation was done in pairs: for each workshop a Möbius consultant worked shoulder-to-shoulder with a VAPH employee. Möbius ensured a thorough preparation of each workshop. In agreement with the VAPH employee and the speakers for each specific workshop, an agenda was put together. For every workshop, this agenda included short informative presentations, interactive exercises and brainstorm moments on specific questions. We assured the use of the proper (participation) techniques to ensure that the intended information could be shared and captured. For each workshop, the information was outlined in one all-encompassing document with a detailed script with timing, complete instructions for the presentations and workshops, a list of needed materials, etc.

In addition, during the day several elements were provided to improve participation and networking, such as a digital platform to record questions, a wall of ideas, a networking bingo, etc.



The VAPH can look back at a successful congress where the status at that time was shared with a large audience and where, at the same time, valuable information was collected. This information was processed by the VAPH employees. A summary of the results (in Dutch) can be found here:


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