Reshaping and optimising the core

CEL Data Services introduced the best practices of continuous improvement and behaviour within the organisation in order to be ready for the challenges ahead.


Strategic challenge

CEL Data Services is a full-service provider of IT/ATM services for the banking industry. While most of the current business is focused on ING and Record Bank, CEL Data Services needs to diversify its customer base considering the difficult economic environment in financial services. This is the ideal moment for redefining what CEL Data Services and its employees stand for and for evaluating the operational efficiency of its core processes across the value chain. Möbius guided CEL Data Services in the introduction of best practice behaviour and continuous improvement principles within the company in order to be ready for the challenges ahead.

Möbius helped CEL Data Services to identify its key business processes, to "lean" and keep them under control. During the definition of mission and values of the organization, the Management was encouraged to meet "Go-To-Market". Due to Möbius’ professionalism and approach this new challenge was integrated in no time within the organisation.

One word: congratulations!

Wilfrid Huculak CEO

Approach continuous improvement

We believe it is crucial to focus on different axes of improvement. That’s why 3 improvement tracks were executed in parallel:

Focus on the identification and follow-up of small, individual improvement opportunities across the organisation.

Möbius trained and coached a team of highly motivated employees from different departments to implement a culture of continuous improvement. These ‘improvement heroes’ implemented the different tools & methodologies within their department. By using this approach, we were able to reach awareness across the entire company.

Focus on process improvement and big improvement opportunities.

Möbius introduced a framework & methodology to model and improve the processes at CEL Data Services. We provided training, facilitated process improvement workshops and elaborated a process road map. Roles and responsibilities for continuous process optimisation were defined and assigned within the company.

Focus on employee and management behaviour.

Behaviour is crucial in obtaining excellence. A track with full management commitment was started to observe current behaviour and define the ideal behaviour and values for the company as well as how to get there.

People involvement and motivation as well as higher management involvement were considered crucial elements in the success of all tracks.



Under guidance of Möbius, CEL Data Services accomplished:

  • To raise awareness and activate employees to question current operations and identify continuous improvement opportunities
  • To visualise and improve the most important core processes
  • To align the operations between departments and teams
  • To (re)define its values and ideal behaviour within the organisation
  • To identify concrete actions to implement these continuous improvement opportunities