Project management on research into the need to establish an internal social map

Project management to map needs and requirements regarding the creation of an internal social map within the Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen.

Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen

Before the Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen took the step towards an internal and digital social map, whether or not integrated in their electronic nursing record (ENR), the organisation first wanted to map the needs and requirements of the various stakeholders regarding the referral of patients to the right care providers and/or care and welfare organisations. In addition, the current barriers faced by staff in terms of patient referral were questioned. In this context, Möbius assisted Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen in this broad survey. 

Coming together is a start, staying together is progress and working together is success!

Stefanie Decock Director Care Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen

Strategic challenge

The Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen wants to support its colleague nurses, care workers and administrative staff in an optimal way in offering the right care and support to patients. Based on this vision, the organisation wanted to find out what employees currently encounter in order to efficiently refer patients to the right care and support. In addition, the Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen also wanted to examine to what extent the current referral tools within the Flemish and Federal healthcare landscape could be integrated into the new social map and to what extent the new social map could be part of their ENR.


In a first phase, the various groups of internal stakeholders (nursing and care staff, Quality and Innovation department, IT department, administrative staff, departmental managers, etc.) were identified. In particular, those who are or may be directly and indirectly involved in referring patients. Interviews were conducted with representatives of the different stakeholders to find out what the current barriers are regarding referral, and how they see the future of a digital social map within Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen.

After collecting and analysing the qualitative (interviews) and quantitative (number of referrals per department via the current ENR) data, an additional questionnaire was drawn up to reach the large group of stakeholders across the 12 departments within the Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen and to gauge their perceived barriers, facilitating factors and future vision with regard to referring patients to the right care provider and care and welfare organisation.

Finally, we examined what tools are currently available to refer patients, and how the care offer can be further supplemented based on the available data at the Flemish and federal level. We examined to what extent a new social digital map can or cannot be integrated into the current ENR, and what the possibilities are for the longer-term integration of a stand-alone application of the social map.


The qualitative and quantitative research into the need for an internal social digital map yielded very interesting results. Based on these results, the Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen will continue working and an action plan will be drawn up, in which the objectives will be sharpened regarding the further development of an internal digital social map.