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In order to deploy multiple innovation initiatives, Möbius supports the Luminus innovation team since 2019.

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The energy market is in full transition and innovation is key to keep up with customer needs and expectations.

The innovation team of Luminus is gradually expanding to detect new business opportunities as well as accelerate innovation in the core business. In order to deploy multiple innovation initiatives, Möbius supports the innovation team since 2019.

Innovation throughout the organization

The candidate innovation projects originate through a variety of channels within the organization (e.g. steerco’s, team meetings, innovation challenges, …). Given the diversity of the different departments in the organization, for each possible track we develop a detailed action plan. This project plan defines the scope, the objectives, timing and clarifies the roles and responsibilities. Moreover, it ensures real sponsorship from within the team with whom we collaborate.

The power of each track lies in the co-creation between the different internal stakeholders and the innovation team. We have set up a governance to structure the process and increase success. An overview of the process:   

  • Define an approach to tackle the challenge
  • Analyze and refine the challenge, identify possible solutions, risks, conduct market research, …
  • Develop a POC and first version of the business case
  • Test and evaluate the results, finetune the business case with additional insights
  • Set up a project plan for implementation

Depending on the team, our support can be to:   

  • Actively encourage teams to experiment with innovation and opportunities outside of day to day operations
  • Provide and learn them the right methodology to tackle a (part of the) challenge (e.g. market research, customer journeys, …)
  • Support the teams with project management
  • Offer them (internal or external) expertise
  • Bridge the gap across multiple stakeholders in the organization and facilitate co-creation
  • Increase the visibility of innovation in the organization
  • Accelerate tracks & reduce lead time to implementation

Innovation is becoming widespread with Luminus, through multiple tracks across the different departments. The governance and structure allow to tailor the support and continuously reflect on the best way of working. Leading to successful optimizations, new technologies or new products and services.


Luminus and Möbius – A perfect cooperation

In the video below, Frederik Simoen (Innovation Program Manager) provides more info about the cooperation between Luminus and Möbius.

Dutch spoken testimonial.