Congratulations, City Hall Genk

The streamlined service is getting quite a reception.

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Strategic challenge

The City of Genk wanted to redesign its service delivery, in accordance with the citizens’ needs. This implied:

  • the development of a customer contact centre with, among others, a physical front office (the customer information center).
  • clear communication with the customer: which products and services do the city services offer?

There is great satisfaction in the field of achieving presupposed milestones, proven flexibility and versatility.

Wim Dries Mayor


The creation of a new customer information centre (reception, quick service counter, specific desks, conference space, … ) constituted a strategic moment to fundamentally improve the service.

Simulating and visualisation

The customer information centre was given an architecture that enables customer-friendly and efficient service. The innovations were simulated and visualised. Digital aids supporting the service were taken into account.

Implementation and guidance

The existing processes were plotted and adjusted. The offer of the customer centre and of the website was broadened based on a growth path. At the same time, Möbius supported the City of Genk in training internal consultants who continue to support the project in an enthusiastic way.



The cooperation between Möbius and the City of Genk has led to:

  • A customer information centre that can cope with 100,000 visitors a year.
  • A contact centre with approx. 200 calls a day and 40% first line processing.
  • A service catalogue with 400 ‘products’, embedded in a new website with 8,000 individual visitors each month.
  • An employee requirement plan, employment statuses and a new organisation chart for the service sector.