Mystery calls to raise awareness

On behalf of Federgon, Möbius has been making mystery calls for several years in order to evaluate their anti-discrimination policy objectively.

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Strategic challenge

Federgon, the Federation of HR Service Providers, has been implementing an anti-discrimination policy under its affiliated temporary employment agencies for many years.

An important pillar in this policy is to prevent a job agency from taking racist elements into consideration, whether or not at the request of the customer, when placing temporary workers. In order to evaluate this anti-discrimination policy objectively, Möbius has been making mystery calls on behalf of Federgon for several years. For each of the approved temporary employment agencies, a number of agencies are selected for which a number of calls are made on an annual basis.

Since 2010, Federgon has been working with Möbius on its non-discrimination policy, in particular for the organisation of Mystery Shopping. Möbius has proven to be an extremely valid and proactive partner. Möbius brings together expertise and professionalism for a targeted approach that is tailored to our needs. Federgon makes the difference with Möbius’s help.

Herwig Muyldermans Managing Director


Capture identities and jobs

The evaluation begins with an analysis of the expertise of the temporary employment agencies that we must call. On this basis, appropriate vacancies are drawn up and a search is carried out for companies that can make the call credibly. An important focus of this selection of companies is their regional location, given that they must be in the vicinity of the employment agency that will be called. In addition, existing companies must describe these jobs in writing so the employment agency that is being evaluated will not suspect this is a fictitious vacancy during the mystery call.

Drawing up the script for the call

In the second phase, Möbius draws up a script for the call, which must be followed closely by the mystery caller. Only by being meticulous and, more specifically, with a uniform formulation of the (explicit) question about discrimination (about which the calls are based) can the evaluation be considered to be a success, given that this ensures an accurate comparison of the results over the years. To support this process further, Möbius works with identical mystery callers every year.

Carry out the calls and quality control

The calls will be carried out, and quality control is also performed on a permanent basis. This will help ensure our mystery callers are not unmasked by an employment consultant, and to prevent the news from spreading quickly throughout the employment agency.

Reporting of findings

Finally, Möbius provides an overview of the key results to Federgon, including a number of comparative analyses, for example, type of discrimination, vacancies for workers versus jobs for employees, etc. Möbius also delivers a number of supportive sound bites that can help to formulate best practices for the sector.



This cooperation has led to the following specific results:

  • Design and annual re-evaluation of a workable tool to carry out mystery calls concerning discrimination.
  • Long-term insight into the attitude of the industry concerning discrimination.
  • Awareness in the industry, which results in on-going projects from temporary employment offices requesting that Möbius carry out mystery calls to their company, among other things.