Competence assessment to support a Supply Chain Transformation

Ansell's challenge was to transform its supply chain team. With Möbius' assistance, they achieved comprehensive skill assessment, resulting in clear competence insights and tailored development plans.


Strategic challenge 

Ansell has launched a large-scale Supply Chain transformation program. The program aims to put the team members at the heart of the change. To understand the current skill level of the global planning team and create a trajectory for development, the management decided to assess all team members on a broad set of Supply Chain skills. Möbius supported the development of the competence model and the initial assessment.

We worked with the team from Möbius in strong partnership to develop an assessment that combined a strong framework with our Leadership’s convictions and priorities.

Tania De Smet Human Resources Director for Global Finance and Ansell Supply Chain - Plan & Deliver


In the first phase, Möbius helped the management team to develop a competence model, indicating types of hard and soft skills, and expected skills per competence levels.  

Based on the competence model, Möbius developed a diverse set of assessment tools to evaluate the skills: self-evaluation, peer-evaluation, interviews, and individual and group cases. 

In the third phase, Möbius supported the management team in the assessment: training of the assessors, and execution of some assessments.  

Möbius also consolidated the results and supported the decision process and the feedback to the team members. 

Finally, Möbius transferred the model and the assessment tools to Ansell’s internal Center of Excellence for future use. 



At the end of this project, Ansell’s leadership had a complete assessment of all team members, including their current competence level, the expected competencies for their current position and future role. With this result, the leadership could start a dialogue with their team members on development needs and a personal development plan. 

The internal Center of Excellence obtained the assessment as a tool to follow up on the progress of the team’s skills and to assess new team members.