Telenet Business and Möbius provide future-proof customer service

Telenet Business and Möbius join forces and combine their expertise!

Customer service

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Is your customer service ready for the future?

Are you a customer service manager or does your organisation want to bet on customer service and...

... do you want to handle customer contacts more efficiently?

... do you want to add new channels to your customer service?

... would you like to further support your employees in their work?  

In short, do you want to further optimise or professionalise your customer service?


Telenet Business and Möbius join forces and combine their expertise! Telenet Business has a broad portfolio of technological solutions to handle customer contacts. Möbius additionally looks at all other building blocks of successful customer service. Together, we ensure an optimal customer experience and continuity of service from your contact centre.

Customers expect a lot from organisations today. The contact centre or customer service department plays a crucial role in helping you realise those customer expectations. The range of channels for customers to get in touch with organisations is growing. As a result, today, more than ever, it is searching for the right balance between the human aspect and the possibilities of digitalisation or automation.


How do we do this?

Keeping the contact centre running on the one hand and following and implementing the relevant trends and technological developments on the other is a huge challenge. Many organisations are increasingly aware of the role of customer service in the customer experience, a very positive evolution. But at the same time, many are still searching for ways to shape this, how to deal with certain evolutions and how to realise the digital transformation.


Telenet: "Möbius has strong experience in the strategic part and the different building blocks of a customer service department. We can enrich this from Telenet with our experience and broad portfolio of technological solutions. This means we can complement each other perfectly in projects and support the customer from A to Z."

Möbius: "We are not technology experts and customers' available investment budgets are also diverse, in that area we find the perfect complement at Telenet Business. Tailor-made work can be done for every situation."

Telenet: "To be able to help customers properly in terms of technology, we naturally do a thorough analysis of their situation and needs. Depending on that, we can see which solution(s) fit(s) best. However, we regularly come to the conclusion in trajectories that customers do not really have this in focus yet. A step back has to be taken before we can look at the most appropriate solutions. It is precisely here that the cooperation with Möbius comes into its own in the best possible way."

Every project also means change for an organisation and its employees. This change can be large or small, but in every project it is important to give it the necessary attention. Möbius: "No party will be happy to invest in a project and new technological solutions only to then fail to make the best use of them. Change management plays a crucial role in every phase of the project. This is first and foremost to properly understand the current experiences of employees. What are they running into? What complicates their work? What solutions are possible to address the pain points? We are also looking at what impact potential changes will have and how we can actively involve all stakeholders in this to embrace the new way of working."


Good cooperation leads to satisfied customers

Telenet Business and Möbius have already successfully worked together for an international company active in the automotive industry. This to further professionalise the contact centre and CRM operations. Several interviews were held with the dealer groups to sound out their feedback. Telenet Business was able to use this information to select and implement a single system for all customer contacts. Based on the customer's request, calls are routed to the right dealer.



Very satisfied with the cooperation. Extremely professional, punctual and correct. Well versed in the subject matter and know what they are doing. Keep to the predetermined timing and make every effort to deliver a good result. Highly recommended.

Retail Network Consultant Daimler