Transition coaching in the creation and operationalisation of a care strategy plan

In response to person-following funding and a new infrastructure, Möbius acted as transition coach for OC De Beweging in the drafting and operationalisation of their care strategy plan.

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The Orthopedagogic Center De Beweging supports adults with disabilities in living, working and leisure. As a licensed care provider of the Flemish Agency for Persons with Disabilities, OC De Beweging has developed a distinct expertise in supporting persons with a (neuro-)motor disability, NAH (non-congenital brain injury) or an autism spectrum disorder. The organisation is part of the group Broeders Van Liefde and represents the adult work of the KOC Sint-Gregorius in Gentbrugge.


"Möbius challenged OC De Beweging to look the other way, made us step out of our comfort zone and brought new insights. They made the difference in guiding OC De Beweging to their unique position in the Groot Bewijk project. Möbius consciously worked with us as a client to deliver on the healthcare strategic goals and realise impact.

Kristof Weytens, Project manager OC De Beweging

Strategic challenge

OC The Movement has also faced the introduction of person-following funding since 2018. This form of financing should lead to greater autonomy and self-direction for persons with disabilities. In addition, this transition is also not without consequences for the care provider whose financial clout is driven by user resources. This transition therefore places high demands on the organisation; both in terms of agility and client experience.

A crucial element in the client experience is a contemporary infrastructure that exudes the institution's vision. Therefore, OC De Beweging worked on a care strategy plan (including values) and this care strategy plan was converted into plans for a new infrastructure. This resulted in the unique Groot Bewijk project. In cooperation with the Social Housing Company Denderstreek, OC De Beweging wants to give people with a disability the opportunity to live independently, with proximity and a guarantee of care and support available 24 hours a day. And this within walking distance of the lively village center of Scheldewindeke. This residential form thus offers the client a great deal of freedom of choice about how he or she wishes to live.

The operationalisation of the strategic care plan is of course more than moving into a new infrastructure and therefore requires a different approach to support and care. This requires an adapted care model with different expectations/behaviours and adapted roles in an environment where agility and productivity are key concepts.


Our approach

To prepare for this organisational and cultural change, Möbius was asked to assist OC De Beweging as a sounding board and transition coach. Our approach was therefore supportive and empowering; in line with OC De Beweging's vision.

We did this by exploring in a first step. After all, as transition coaches, we are convinced that we can only guide a transition properly if we can understand and feel the organisation, its clients, its employees, .... We do this by visiting the shop floor, observing, listening, asking questions, ... The exploration allowed us to understand what makes OC De Beweging strong and in which areas we need to strengthen.

During a second step, we drew up a transition plan. This transition plan provides a foothold for the coming months and years and also allows us to focus on the right activities at the right time. Ultimately, this transition plan brings every employee and client in Groot Bewijk into a modified model of care, into a new form of collaboration, with a renewed culture and into a new infrastructure. This transition plan describes not only what needs to happen, but also how we plan to take each step. A transition plan allows project coordination to autonomously guide the organisation through the transition.

The final step consisted of purposefully supporting OC De Beweging. OC De Beweging took charge of this transition, but at the appropriate moment Möbius supported the project management of OC De Beweging in word and deed. This support took various forms; such as providing methodologies and tools. For example, OC De Beweging carried out a time analysis using the time tracker provided by Möbius.  Moreover, support could also be provided through a targeted analysis or through a sounding board for the project leader.

Finally, Möbius provided targeted expertise in the area of transition and change management. This took shape in small things (the method of meetings, the importance of figures, project-based work, lean work, etc.).