Trüvius as external process supervisor for ESF

Trüvius played an overarching role by stimulating the exchange of knowledge and experience between projects, extracting and combining lessons learned and formulating policy recommendations based on this.

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The process guidance has a leverage function towards all projects. With a call budget of 4 million euros, the potential impact of process supervision on the social return is considerable. In order to realise this potential to the maximum, we defined 11 design principles as a framework for the concrete approach.

In addition to applying the design principles, the following matters supported our overarching guidance:

  • An online interaction platform to facilitate cross-fertilisation between the projects. For example, each project explains its story in a short video, they can ask each other questions, there is a brainstorm page about the policy recommendations and they can go back to documentation.
  • Art of hosting practices to work with groups of stakeholders in a targeted manner.
  • Our own toolset for offline and online facilitation. For example, we organised a successful online networking moment with more than 50 participants. A total of 5 networking moments will take place.
  • Our training catalog which includes many modules on training competences relevant to the actors
  • Our experience in formulating policy recommendations within the context of the Flemish government
  • Etc.

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The principles were translated into a concrete approach.
The building blocks of this approach are shown in the figure below:

ESF schema

This project was made possible with the support of ESF Vlaanderen.

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