A complete transformation of the Claims Department

Möbius delivered a transformational program for a market leader for legal insurance to increase efficiency and employee satisfaction.


One of the market leaders for legal insurance was looking for external support in its claims department. Möbius delivered a transformational program to increase efficiency and employee satisfaction without giving in on its high customer satisfaction. 

We appreciated the pro-active and dynamic approach of the project. Möbius really listens to the needs and wishes of its client.

Internal Project Manager

Strategic Challenge

One of the market leaders in the Belgian Insurance market for legal assistance coverage was looking for external support. In order to stay ahead of competition, the company wanted to increase efficiency and employee satisfaction in its claims department without giving in on its high customer satisfaction. To tackle this demanding challenge, Möbius assisted in their transformation journey.



Analyse the performance of its current operations into meaningful insights

At Möbius, we believe quantitative analysis is key to drive decisions. So, our starting point was capturing all relevant data available and performing extra measurements when needed to translate this into meaningful insights:

  • Analysing Customer Interactions (channel mix, service levels, …) based on CRM to have a baseline on the current performance
  • Looking into time consumption of tasks by combining log data and additional measurements to quantify efficiency gains of improvement opportunities
  • Holding an employee workload and satisfaction survey to identify possible improvement areas
  • Performing additional measurements with employees to challenge ideas such as the omni-channel performance, the customer experience, and the impact of domains of expertise.

Design of a Target Operating Model based on expert insights

But data alone are never the answer, it requires experts to correctly interpret the data:

  • Company experts: Möbius held workshops in every team of the claims department capturing qualitative insights of the claims handlers who know the job better than anyone else.
  • This input was consolidated and infused with Möbius expertise insights (best practices, competitor benchmarks, pitfalls, …) on topics such as organisational structure, process optimisation and telephony set-up.

Change management and communication

As the company was aiming for a large transformational program, change management and communication were crucial from the start. A stakeholder impact plan, a tailored communication approach involving all management levels to ensure support for the new target operating model, was designed and executed. To maximise internal support, Möbius also organised a strategic day with the full management, from team leaders to CEO, to present insights, discuss improvement opportunities and collect feedback.


Möbius delivered a transformational program covering 10 different projects including:

  • Automatic assignment of the right tasks to the right profile via changes in tools, organisational structure and new roles/responsibilities.
  • Setup of Omni-channel teams to optimise customer interactions
  • Pivoting the team structure moving from local branches to expertise-driven teams

Möbius analysed the impact of each project on tools, processes and people which resulted in a detailed roadmap for implementation. The program was fully validated by the management and the majority has already been implemented over the last year with support of Möbius. The further implementation is still ongoing.