Do ESG tools & software make the life of a sustainability team easier?

Learn how to choose the right ESG tools and software for your business. Join the Sustainability Excellence Network and navigate common challenges.

ESG tools


If we zoom out a bit, most organisations face the same sustainability challenges. Navigating the delicate dance between legislative compliance and industry leadership is a common challenge for organisations. At the Sustainability Excellence Network, we've created a community where sustainability professionals come together, share experiences, and find inspiration.


First gathering November 2023

At our first gathering, November 2023, we took the time to discuss ESG tooling solutions and reflected on tooling experiences from practice. As companies want and have to report more and more in depth on their sustainability practices - not once but every year - many dream of a (semi-)automated process.

Not surprisingly, there are various ESG tool options available, with each one offering its own focus and features. These tools are provided by startups and established organisations, offering standalone versions or integrations with general business software.


ESG tool categories

ESG tools


How to choose your ESG tool(s): 6 key considerations

🚀 Added value

Do you need a software tool? Ensure the software brings efficiency and quality compared to the status quo in Excel.

🌐 Facet coverage

Confirm compatibility with various standards and frameworks (BSCI, Ecovadis, CDP, CSRD, …) depending on your sector and location.

⌛ Longevity

Will the tool be around for a sufficiently long time answering your needs? Software solutions are often developed and marketed by start-ups, in an early stage. Assess the sustainability of the tool provider to align with evolving needs.

✏️ Customisation

Every business has unique ESG reporting requirements. Look for an ESG software solution that allows for customisation, such as the ability to create custom reports or tailor data collection to your specific needs.

🔌 Integration

An ESG software solution should be able to integrate with other systems and software your business uses. It keeps you from duplication data and getting in trouble with your internal IT department.

🙋 Customer support

Evaluate the responsiveness and support level offered by the software provider, prioritising comprehensive training and assistance.



This summary captures just a glimpse of our dynamic community session. The true value lies in the collaborative environment, challenging to fully encapsulate on 'paper'.

So, if you're intrigued by the idea of joining our sustainability community, don't hesitate to get in touch with any one of us. We'd love to have you be a part of our collaborative environment and share the valuable insights and experiences of our members.