Audit Support Services Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels

Möbius conducted an organisational audit of the general functioning of the support services of Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels.

Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel

Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels wished to strengthen the cooperation between its departments and support services group. Möbius guided them in an extensive analysis of strengths and weaknesses of several cooperation models (centralisation, decentralisation, hybrid forms) and possible techniques to mitigate risks. This resulted in implemented cooperation techniques for some pilot processes and a proposal for a new organisational structure.

The process guidance by Möbius was very professional and well-founded. The tools they provided us with were extremely useful.

Brecht Ransschaert Strategic Management Advisor EhB

Strategic challenge

As an organisation, Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels has support services within the autonomous departments spread across Brussels as well as within its central administration. Within the framework of the strategic exercise SPE, opportunities for improvement were defined around the cooperation between the departments and central services, with a view to creating an agile, clear organisational structure. Möbius was asked to review the general functioning of these services.



Möbius started with a thorough analysis of the current situation through structured interviews with the managers of the support services, departmental directors and the process implementers themselves. From this, on the one hand, a process map was drawn up as a working tool for the next steps. On the other hand, the strengths and weaknesses of the current structure were consolidated and presented to the executive committee.

Procesmap Erasmushogeschool Brussel

Process map


Based on these insights, a strategy day was set up in which more than 25 employees and executives used interactive working methods to reflect on current cooperation and ways to improve it. In the process, Möbius explained the concepts of (de-)centralisation and possible inspiring cooperation techniques such as SLAs, PDC, RACI and self-management. The groups then evaluated some concrete cases on dimensions such as main workplace and hierarchical management.

Voorbeeld van een mogelijke nieuwe organisatiestructuurExample of a possible new organisational structure

Interested? Download HERE the slides and templates for an inspirational session.

For some well-selected processes, Möbius then guided the implementation of the collaboration techniques to further tailor the elements to EhB's specific needs. These test-cases also greatly increased support for the techniques when employees could see the benefits for themselves.


Finally, in a final phase, Möbius delivered a new organisational structure that highlighted the roles and responsibilities of each as well as a governance model to make internal cooperation future-proof.