7 reasons to choose a consulting career | Möbius Insights

Are you a recent graduate looking for a rewarding career path, or an experienced professional seeking new challenges? Consider a career in consulting!


Consulting offers a multitude of compelling reasons why it might be the perfect fit for you. This article will explain what consulting is and give seven reasons why you should consider a career in it.


What is consulting?

Consulting has many benefits. But first, let's understand what it is and what consultants do day-to-day.

Consulting is a diverse and dynamic profession that resolves around providing expert advice, strategic guidance, and problem-solving solutions to organisations and individuals who are facing complex challenges. Consulting services can be offered in various sectors, including the healthcare, private, and public sector.

Consultants are often experts in specific industries or areas. They use their knowledge, experience, and analytical skills to help clients identify opportunities, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals.


The benefits of working as a consultant:


1. Client-oriented service

client-oriented service consulting

Consulting revolves around serving clients and helping them achieve their goals. Whether you're advising on strategic decisions or supporting the implementation of transformative projects, you'll spend a significant portion of your time working directly with clients. If you enjoy making a real impact on clients' businesses, consulting is the place to be.

At Möbius, we start from what our customers are worried about and the needs of their end customers. Shoulder to shoulder we go for a sustainable result, with attention to employees and an eye for knowledge transfer. We put a lot of emphasis on team participation and co-creation. 


2. Diverse and intellectual tasks

diverse intellectual tasks

Consultants thrive on intellectual challenges and diverse responsibilities. One day, you might be conducting market research, while the next, you're analysing competitors or helping a client navigate significant organisational changes. The constant variety keeps your work engaging and your mind sharp.

With a rich history spanning over 25 years, Möbius has cultivated extensive expertise across a wide range of sectors. Therefore, when you join our team, you are in the hands of experienced professionals who know how to deliver exceptional results.


3. Teamwork and accountability

teamwork consulting

Consulting often involves collaborating with talented, ambitious team members. While you work in teams, individual consultants typically carry substantial project responsibilities, allowing you to contribute significantly to client engagements. It's a perfect blend of teamwork and personal accountability.

In 2018, Möbius embraced the concept of holacracy and transformed into a self-steering organisation. Our flat organisational structure empowers you to take control. Think about self-managing teams, lots of responsibility and autonomy!


4. Personal and professional development

professional development consulting

Consulting firms prioritise your professional development. You'll work in an intellectually stimulating environment, surrounded by colleagues and clients who value education and personal growth. 

At Möbius, we place a strong emphasis on professional development. Therefore, we provide extensive training opportunities to enable our consultants to craft their own career paths. Additionally, we assign a personal mentor to ensure continuous support and guidance from an experienced colleague. 


5. Competitive salary

competitive salary consulting

While the specifics can vary, consulting generally offers competitive compensation packages. In addition to base salaries, consultants often have access to bonuses and performance-based incentives. These financial rewards reflect the value of your expertise and hard work.

Möbius' consultants are rewarded with an exclusive compensation package that includes a range of perks, such as an electric company car (or mobility budget), bike leasing, flex income plan, a comprehensive insurance coverage, a bonus system and engaging sports and well-being initiatives.


6. Work-life balance

work-life balance consulting

Contrary to the stereotype of endless late nights at the office, consulting firms recognise the importance of work-life balance. While the field can be demanding, many firms offer flexible working arrangements. This makes consulting a viable choice for those seeking balance in their lives.

At Möbius, we believe that creating a fulfilling and rewarding experience for our consultants is crucial to achieve success. That's why we prioritise work-life balance and offer benefits such as flexible hours and remote work options. We believe that when you have the freedom to manage your time effectively, you can achieve optimal performance and maintain a healthy personal life.


7. Career launchpad

career launchpad consulting

A career in consulting can open doors to numerous opportunities in various industries. People highly regard consultants for their unique blend of functional expertise and personal skills like communication and management. It's not uncommon for experienced consultants to transition into high-ranking positions in corporations or pursue entrepreneurial endeavours.